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Namespace Structures


Type Aliases

FavoriteURL: { _id: string; author: string; favoritedAt: string; url: string }

Stores a favorited URL object.

Type declaration

  • _id: string

    Favorite ID.

  • author: string

    ID of the favorite's author.

  • favoritedAt: string

    Unix timestamp of when the item was favorited.

  • url: string

    URL of the favorite, usually an image.

FileInformation: { _id: string; author: string; bucket: string; extension: string; fileName: string; mimeType: string; originalFileName: string; sha512: string; size: number; uploadDate: string }

Contains information about a file.

Type declaration

  • _id: string

    File ID.

  • author: string

    The file author's ID.

  • bucket: string

    The file category, for example "posts" for files of posts. Does not necessarily correspond to the actual S3 object storage bucket.

  • extension: string

    File extension without dot.

  • fileName: string

    Canonical file name that can be used to request the file.

  • mimeType: string

    MIME type of the file.

  • originalFileName: string

    File name used during upload.

  • sha512: string

    SHA-512 hash of the file.

  • size: number

    Size in bytes.

  • uploadDate: string

    ISO date string of the upload time and date.

SuspensionState: { _id: string; expirationDate: Date | null }

Stores the suspension state of a user, ID and expiration.

Type declaration

  • _id: string
  • expirationDate: Date | null

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